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Project: FuzzyAI

Summary: The FuzzyAI project is an idea to provide a library for expert systems based on fuzzy logic. For ease of use, the library should be object oriented and for the portability, we choose ANSI C++.

Project faze: Planning

As you know, in the Universe everything is uncertain. Eventhough one could think that when we would know everything ther is to know, we could write the final formula for everything, but it is not certain. As a matter a fact, nothing is certain. Just remember the Quantum Mechanics and Theory of Relativity which are the most recent explanations of all the processes in the Universe. By Quantum Mechanics, one can determine only the probability of current state of the object being watched (for example an electron), but not the state itself. And since the Quantum Mechanics represents the basis of all the other Physical phenomena, it is logical that we should determine any state of any object or process in this Universe only by it's probability. Opposed to the old fashioned way of determining the correctnes of the proposition with true or false, here there is only maybe.

You will tell: Ok, but isn't Quantum Mechanics related only to processes and objects with relatively small size, and aren't those effects too small to be seen in most real-world Physical problems? Yes, that is correct, but it isn't excuse not to use probability for determining the state of an object! If you take a look at the other side, aren't the people related to their home town the same way the electrons are to it's molecule or the planet to it's galaxy? If some major exitation is caused (such as earthquake or airstrike), you cannot determine the minor responce (such as behaviour of every individual person during the airstrike), but you can determine the probability of every possible responce and therefore the approximate number of minors who respond the same way. That's why there is no true nor false. There is only maybe!

For the time being, all expert systems that exist are based on mathematical logic. That is very good when one models only the problems which can be either true or false. But for most real-world problems (such as determining the desease from the symptoms) this model does not apply because only probability of event can be determined. This is why the expert system based on fuzzy logic is needed, and that is what the FuzzyAI Project provides to the OpenSource community.

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